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6th Grade Camp

YMCA Camp Oakes:  P.O. Box 2640, 47400 Vista Dr., Big Bear City, CA  92314
May 14 - May 17
We will return on Friday, May 17th at approximately 12:00 p.m.  
The campers were filled with excitement this morning as they were boarding the bus for camp!   The buses pulled out at                    8:45 a.m.   Your campers arrived safely at approximately 11:30!  The weather is beautiful.  It is a nice sunny day and                        63 degrees.   Your campers had a great day filled with new adventures!    They finished the day with Orange Chicken                        and rice for  dinner, learning about snakes and a night hike.  The scholars were worn out!  


It is a beautiful morning crisp 55 degrees with a warm sun up here at camp.  Breakfast was sausage, pancakes, oatmeal, fruit and orange juice. Scholars were well rested and ready to take on the adventures of the day. They will be in the field today hiking, rock climbing and shooting arrows. Tonight they will be dancing and have cabin stories. 



The campers had a blast last night line dancing.  The weather is holding up today with just scattered showers but still very bright and pretty.  Today is the outdoor hiking day.  A little rain isn't stopping them!  They are all geared up in their rain jackets and ponchos ready for a day of exploration.  The campers were all smiles this morning!



The campers are packed and ready for home on this beautiful 40 degree morning!!   

10:00 a.m.    The buses have arrived and the students will begin boarding very soon!

10:45 a.m.    The campers have boarded and are on their way home!   

Estimated arrival time is 1:40 p.m.


They are here!  1:48 p.m.